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Learn Astrophotography,...... Deep Sky,...... Time Lapse Movies,...... Nightscapaes,...... Sky Photo Trip V11.,...... 25-27 November 2016 (Fri-Sun)


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Aperture Telescopes organises a Sky Trip every month at locations dark or near. Come and join the star party (a.k.a. field trip, observation) & use the actual Large Telescopes and other equipmentmade by Aperture Telescopes. Judge for yourself how they perform. Join our discussion group to receive announcements regarding forthcoming Sky Trips.

The equipment that is available for these Sky Trips:

  1. 20 inch Dobsonian, the largest amateur telescope in India. Forget astrophotography, you can see the Deep sky objects directly with this telescope. Though the telescope requires a ladder when viewing at the zenith, finding deep sky objects is a breeze. Following a deep sky object at 400X is intuitive and easy.

  2. 16 inch Dobsonian, A large aperture telescope, no ladder is required even at the zenith. The 16 inch telescope used for the Sky Trips is fitted with a bino-vision. The views through the telescope almost seem like 3D.

  3. 12 inch Dobsonian, The smallest of our truss tube Dobsonians. It can be packed in the back of any car. The telescope is of decent aperture, very portable and even a kid can handle it easily.

  4. 25 X 100 on Aperture Parallelogram Mount. The binocular and the Aperture mount are a great combination to explore the Star Clusters and the Nebulae in the Milky Way. A 25X magnification is quite good enough to discern detail in the nebulae. The Binocular, Mount combination works very well when showing the Moon to a lagre group of people, like in a school or at a public watch.

  5. 8 inch travel scope, this travel-scope is truly a portable one. It can be carried in a bus, train, airplane or any small car. This 8 inch telescope looks very cute and small, but actually is not a small one, its an 8 incher, larger than an average amateur telescope in India. Crisp clear views, sharp stars till the edge of the field of view. Its a stable mount is a pleasure to use.

We invite planetariums, school astronomy clubs, associations, boarding schools, observatories or any institutions, across India to organise Sky Trips with our large telescopes at your facility. You can demand from any of the above telescopes for your Sky Trip. To request an evening or overnight Sky Trip in your city send an email to

Previously Sky Trips have been been organised at:

Rashtriya Military School, Richmond Town, Bengaluru,

St. Peters College, Agra, Uttar Pradesh,

Sagar School, Tijara, Rajasthan,

Bhaktivedanta Gurukul, Brindavan,

Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab,

Town & Country Club, Gurgaon.



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