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Lunar Eclipse Tour of  June 15, 2011 (Concluded)

The participants saw the first part of the eclipse quite clearly. The eclipse was quite dark, during totality the rim of the moon was brighter and the center of Moon became quite dark.

Watching the Moon turning crimson was quite a sublime experience, especially through the big binoculars. Milky Way became visible in between the clouds as the Eclipse progressed. Children as well adults enjoyed the whole experience of a Lunar Eclipse on a Pine Terrace in the Himalayas.

Here is a time lapse photograph of the eclipse over the Pine trees.


Total Lunar Eclipse - June 15, 2011


Sky Trip

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   Lunar Eclipse
        seldom is the resplendent, silver moon shaded crimson

          an event preeminently beautiful.

            my elated heart shall forever ache

              for that sublime, tranquil night

                when the full moon slowly turns argent to copper.


Event: Total Lunar Eclipse  
Eclipse Date: June 15th, 2011  
Tour Dates: June 14th to 16th, 2011  

Woodsvilla Resort, Majkhali,

Ranikhet in the Himalayas.


Aperture Telescopes invites you on 2011's Most Romantic Night, On the night of 15th June 2011 celestial mechanics will line up Sun, Earth and the Moon in almost a straight trajectory. The Moon will pass through the shadow cast by the Earth, producing a beautiful spectacle in the sky. As the Moon slips into the Earth's shadow, it  will slowly turn crimson. The lineup is so straight that the Moon will work its way towards the dark part of the Earth's umbra, it will turn ebony. The last time Moon passed through such a dark part of the Earth's umbra, and visible over India was 40 years back on August 6th 1971. This is the darkest Lunar Eclipse visible over the skies of India in the 21st Century. The magnitude of this eclipse is 1.6999,  a comparable eclipse, just a shade lighter at magnitude 1.6611 will occur 47 years hence, on June 6th, 2058.

The best part of this eclipse is the background, the Moon turns ebony right in the densest part of the silvery Milky Way in Sagittarius. This eclipse night, why not make way to a pristine star studded dark sky and see Moon darkening and hanging in front of star clusters and nebulae. A truly sublime experience. This is an heavenly rendezvous on an angelic pine terrace never ever to be forgotten.

download eclipse maps

Tour Location: Woodsvilla Resort, Majkhali, Ranikhet
                 Latitude: 29° 40' 58" Longitude: 79° 30' 02” Height 1900m

                     (Link to Satellite Map)
                 Arrival Majkhali: Tuesday noon, 14th June, 2011
                 Departure Majkhali: Thursday noon, 16th June, 2011

Download Itinerary

Telescopes available on the Lunar Eclipse Tour:

Tour participants will have several large telescopes at their disposal on the Majkhali Terrace to view the Total Lunar Eclipse. We will have the participant/telescope ratio to about 1 telescope per 5-6 participants, so participants are comfortable watching the eclipse and there is absolutely no rush and no question of a queue forming before each instrument.

USB, Largest Mobile Telescope in India, 20inch: A humongous 20inch diameter telescope will show the lunar eclipse with all its fine details. You will be able to discern and time when each crater gets covered by the umbral shadow of the earth.

Binocular Telescope, 16inch:  A 16inch diameter telescope will be fitted with a binocular viewer, unlike typical telescopes, where you use only one eye to see the sky objects, a large 16inch telescope will be fitted with a bino-viewer to see the eclipse and other milky way objects very comfortably using both your eyes.

Light Bucket Telescope, 12inch:  A 12inch diameter telescope is a large telescope, but it is so easy to handle that even new participants will be able to handle it on their own. This telescope will be fitted with one of the best eyepiece on earth - the 13mm Ethos, which has a very wide field of view. A typical view with a telescope is like looking inside a small tube. With this telescope and eyepiece, it will seem like you are looking from a large window into the magnified sky. You will be able to see all the surrounding nebulae and beautiful clusters with this telescope.

'Orange', 8inch:  This 8inch telescope is a serious telescope with sharp views, but amazingly can be handled by a 7-8 year old child. Children will be allowed to use this telescope on their own, point it towards the eclipsed moon, discover amazing deep sky object on their own. The clear skies of Majkhali combined with the darkness of a Lunar Eclipse Night will make a beautiful night to wander among the Milky way lanes using this telescope.

25 X 100 Binocular on Parallelogram Stand:  The 25 x 100 is considered a large binocular by amateur astronomers. The binocular is too heavy to hold in the hand even for a short time. This large binocular will be placed on a very versatile stand for wide angle views of the eclipse and the sky. The best part of this binocular stand is that it can be easily brought down to children's level and still pointing at the same object in the sky.

Meade 12inch, Automatic Telescope: Another large aperture telescope, 12inch from Meade, will be used to view the eclipse. The telescope will follow the moon continuously, automatically throughout the eclipse. No need to move the telescope manually.

Meade 8inch, Automatic Telescope: This telescope will follow the Lunar Eclipse automatically, throughout the night and will be fitted with a camera capturing each and every moment of the lunar eclipse. The image from this telescope & camera will be used to project the live eclipse on a large screen on the terrace. You will be able to enjoy the eclipse live on the Pine Terrace at Majkhali, while lounging in a musical atmosphere. Yes it it the most romantic night of 2011!